Art & science

Art & science

(re)visions – the EpiGeneSys book

Read the preface by EpiGeneSys coordinator Geneviève Almouzni!

This book presents visions of epigenetics, conceived from discussions and collaborations between artists and scientists – the exchange itself enriching the visions.

The Hashtag # movies

Discover the #Hashtag – Vision of Epigenetics video clips! Listen to interviews with artists about their work and learn of the thoughts behind the exhibition.

Hashtag – # Visions of Epigenetics

EpiGeneSys is a European Network of Excellence coordinated by Geneviève Almouzni, director of the Research Center of the Institut Curie, with more then 160 laboratories dispersed across Europe. Besides its scientific programme, the project includes the mission to raise public awareness and disseminate information about and from this growing area of research. EpiGeneSys has decided to choose an unusual way to engage with the public: Epigenetics leaves the laboratory and enters the world of art!

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