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June 2016

Saturation analysis for whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data.

27347755 – 2016-06-28
Nat Biotechnol 2016 Jun 27;
Libertini E, Heath SC, Hamoudi RA, Gut M, Ziller MJ, Herrero J, Czyz A, Ruotti V, Stunnenberg HG, Frontini M, Ouwehand WH, Meissner A, Gut IG, Beck S
Group Leader: Stephan Beck, Henk Stunnenberg 

Information recovery from low coverage whole-genome bisulfite sequencing.

27346250 – 2016-06-28
Nat Commun 2016 Jun 27;7:11306
Libertini E, Heath SC, Hamoudi RA, Gut M, Ziller MJ, Czyz A, Ruotti V, Stunnenberg HG, Frontini M, Ouwehand WH, Meissner A, Gut IG, Beck S
Group Leader: Henk Stunnenberg, Stephan Beck 

H4K20me0 marks post-replicative chromatin and recruits the TONSL-MMS22L DNA repair complex.

27338793 – 2016-06-25
Nature 2016 Jun 22;534(7609):714-718
Saredi G, Huang H, Hammond CM, Alabert C, Bekker-Jensen S, Forne I, Reverón-Gómez N, Foster BM, Mlejnkova L, Bartke T, Cejka P, Mailand N, Imhof A, Patel DJ, Groth A
Group Leader: Anja Groth 

Intra-Tumor Genetic Heterogeneity in Wilms Tumor: Clonal Evolution and Clinical Implications.

27333041 – 2016-06-23
EBioMedicine 2016 May 27;
Cresswell GD, Apps JR, Chagtai T, Mifsud B, Bentley CC, Maschietto M, Popov SD, Weeks ME, Olsen ØE, Sebire NJ, Pritchard-Jones K, Luscombe NM, Williams RD, Mifsud W
Group Leader: Nicholas Luscombe 

Data on the kinetics of in vitro assembled chromatin.

27331114 – 2016-06-23
Data Brief 2016 Sep;8:353-9
Völker-Albert MC, Pusch MC, Schmidt A, Imhof A
Group Leader: Axel Imhof 

CSN1 somatic mutations in penile squamous cell carcinoma.

27325650 – 2016-06-22
Cancer Res 2016 Jun 20;
Feber A, Worth DC, Chakravarthy A, de Winter P, Shah K, Arya M, Saqib M, Nigam R, Malone PR, Tan WS, Rodney S, Freeman A, Jameson C, Wilson GA, Powles T, Beck S, Fenton T, Sharp TV, Muneer A, Kelly JD
Group Leader: Stephan Beck 

TADtool: Visual Parameter Identification for TAD-calling Algorithms.

27318199 – 2016-06-19
Bioinformatics 2016 Jun 17;
Kruse K, Hug CB, Hernández-Rodríguez B, Vaquerizas JM
Group Leader: Juan M. Vaquerizas 

Impairment of DNA Methylation Maintenance Is the Main Cause of Global Demethylation in Naive Embryonic Stem Cells.

27315559 – 2016-06-18
Mol Cell 2016 Jun 16;62(6):983
von Meyenn F, Iurlaro M, Habibi E, Liu NQ, Salehzadeh-Yazdi A, Santos F, Petrini E, Milagre I, Yu M, Xie Z, Kroeze LI, Nesterova TB, Jansen JH, Xie H, He C, Reik W, Stunnenberg HG
Group Leader: Wolf Reik, Henk Stunnenberg 

Differentiation therapy for glioblastoma – too many obstacles?

27308621 – 2016-06-17
Mol Cell Oncol 2016 Mar;3(2):e1124174
Carén H, Beck S, Pollard SM
Group Leader: Stephan Beck 

Comparative Structural and Functional Analysis of Bunyavirus and Arenavirus Cap-Snatching Endonucleases.

27304209 – 2016-06-16
PLoS Pathog 2016 Jun;12(6):e1005636
Reguera J, Gerlach P, Rosenthal M, Gaudon S, Coscia F, Günther S, Cusack S
Group Leader: Stephen Cusack 

Atomic Structure and Biochemical Characterization of an RNA Endonuclease in the N Terminus of Andes Virus L Protein.

27300328 – 2016-06-15
PLoS Pathog 2016 Jun;12(6):e1005635
Fernández-García Y, Reguera J, Busch C, Witte G, Sánchez-Ramos O, Betzel C, Cusack S, Günther S, Reindl S
Group Leader: Stephen Cusack 

The dynamic interactome and genomic targets of Polycomb complexes during stem-cell differentiation.

27294783 – 2016-06-14
Nat Struct Mol Biol 2016 Jun 13;
Kloet SL, Makowski MM, Baymaz HI, van Voorthuijsen L, Karemaker ID, Santanach A, Jansen PW, Di Croce L, Vermeulen M
Group Leader: Luciano Di Croce, Michiel Vermeulen 

Zerone: a ChIP-seq discretizer for multiple replicates with built-in quality control.

27288492 – 2016-06-12
Bioinformatics 2016 Jun 10;
Cuscó P, Filion GJ
Group Leader: Guillaume Filion 

The CENP-T/-W complex is a binding partner of the histone chaperone FACT.

27284163 – 2016-06-11
Genes Dev 2016 Jun 1;30(11):1313-26
Prendergast L, Müller S, Liu Y, Huang H, Dingli F, Loew D, Vassias I, Patel DJ, Sullivan KF, Almouzni G
Group Leader: Genevieve Almouzni 

The Metabolic Impact on Histone Acetylation and Transcription in Ageing.

27283514 – 2016-06-11
Trends Biochem Sci 2016 Jun 6;
Peleg S, Feller C, Ladurner AG, Imhof A
Group Leader: Andreas Ladurner, Axel Imhof

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