Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

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Linking Genome Variation with Epigenetics, Gene Expression and Disease

Monday 06 October 2014 - Tuesday 07 October 2014

Location  : Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine - Oxford


An EpiGeneSys Training Workshop

Linking genetics and epigenetics will have major implications for our understanding of the development of many diseases, which may result from the co-action of genetic variations and epigenetic factors. The potentially reversible nature of epigenetic changes has made them a promising target for the development of novel medical treatments.

This workshop will explore the relationship between genome variants, gene expression and epigenetic mechanism and look at the implications of their interplay for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, neurological diseases and cancer.

We have secured a number of great speakers for this workshop:

  • Ahmed Ahmed (WIMM, Oxford)
  • Zam Cader (WIMM, Oxford)
  • Tudor Fulga/Joey Riepsaame (WIMM, Oxford)
  • Anna Gloyn (WTCHG, Oxford)
  • Angela Goncalves (Sanger Centre, Cambridge)
  • Doug Higgs (WIMM, Oxford)
  • Jim Hughes (WIMM, Oxford)
  • Jonathan Marchini (University of Oxford), tbc
  • Mark McCarthy (WTCHG, Oxford)
  • Gil McVean (WTCHG, Oxford)
  • Dirk Paul (University College, London)
  • Nicole Soranzo, Sanger Centre, Cambridge, tbc

The workshop will start at lunchtime on October 6th (registration and lunch from 11h30 – 12h45) and close in the afternoon of October 7th (around 16h30).

Venue: Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital/Headley Way, Oxford OX3 9DS, United Kingdom.

There will be a workshop supper on October 6th.

Please register as soon as possible as space is very limited! Registration fees and accommodation are covered by the EpiGeneSys Network, but all participants will be responsible for his/her own travel.