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Geneviève Almouzni presents EpiGeneSys

Watch this video of EpiGeneSys coordinator Geneviève Almouzni, director of the Research centre at the Institut Curie, speaking about network achievements and plans for the future. It was recorded for the Conference EPIGENomics and Health Care Policy: Challenges and Opportunities, December 1-3, 2014 in Milan.

Karolinska Research Lectures : Wolf Reik
“Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development”

Wolf Reik, EpigeneSys member and at the head of the Epigenetics Programme, in the Babraham Institute in Cambridge gave a lecture the 16th of Ocktober 2014 at Nobel Forum.

Leonie Rigrose – Epigenetics: myths,mysteries and molecule

John Gurdon speaks to BBC Radio 4

From BBC Radio 4, hear John Gurdon talk about his work on cloning frogs, and where it might lead.

Inagural Lecture video

Find here the Inagural Lecture video of Edith Heard, given on December 13th, 2012 at the College de France on “Epigenetics and Cellular Memory”.

Epigenetic work wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology

Watch the Nobel Prize winner, Sir John Gurdon, speak about winning the prize and about his revolutionary work on nuclear reprogramming.

“The hidden life of our genes” wins best film award

The 52′ documentary film « The hidden life of our genes », written and directed by Hervé Nisic, produced by Pierre-François Decouflé (Heliox Films) with the support of the 7th framework research programme of the European Union, has won the best film award at the International Life Sciences Film Festival of Praha.

Epigenetics, explained (from the BBC)

Best video explanation we've seen of epigenetics and its implications for human health, outlined in simple, understandable terms. From the BBC.

8th Annual Epigenetics Course held at Institut Curie in March of 2012

32 Masters and PhD students from all over Europe, many of them from EpiGeneSys labs, came to Paris to take part in the 8th edition of the popular course at the Institute Curie. For a whole week the participants attended scientific lectures, both didactic and presenting the latest research, listened to talks on topics such as the peer review process or how to optimize the chances for publication, […]

“Rapid nuclear remodeling and signaling upon DNA damage” – lecture of Andreas Ladurner

Andreas Ladurner gave a lecture, “Rapid nuclear remodeling and signaling upon DNA damage” for the 8th Annual Epigenetics Course held at Institut Curie in March of 2012.

“Epigenetic reprogramming” – lecture of Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher gave a lecture, “Epigenetic reprogramming” for the 8th Annual Epigenetics Course held at Institut Curie in March of 2012.

EpiGeneSys – shaping the future of epigenetics research in Europe

Its becoming clear that systems biology is something that epigenetics is going to have to get a handle on ” – Edith Heard, Group Leader, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Videos of keynote speakers in Vienna – Hiroyuki Sasaki
Hiroyuki Sasaki's keynote lecture was on the regulatory network of small RNAs and DNA methylation in mouse germ cells. They've recently shown a role for piRNAs in paternal imprinting in male spermatogonia, in work published in Science in 2011.

Videos of keynote speakers in Vienna – Susan Gasser

Susan Gasser spoke about nuclear organization in cell type commitment in C.elegans at the EpiGeneSys Annual Meeting in Vienna in November, 2011. They've established a method to visually observe gene tethering at the nuclear envelope via live imaging, and have contributed important mechanistic insights using this technique, which Susan elaborates on in her keynote address.


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