hidden life of our genes

Producer Pierre-François Decouflé (centre) and director Hervé Nisic (right) receive the award

The 52' documentary film « The Hidden Life of our Genes », written and directed by Hervé Nisic, produced by Pierre-François Decouflé (Heliox Films) with the support of the 7th Framework Research Programme of the European Union, has won the best film award at the International Life Sciences Film Festival of Praha.

The film has been awarded by Mr Peter Bendl, Cezch minister of agriculture during a ceremony held at the University of Prague on October 17th, 2012.

This film presents the European research on epigenetics in a premonitory echo of the Nobel Price in Physiology 2012 recently awarded to Mr Shinya Yamanaka and Mr John B. Gurdon.


The hidden life of our genes (trailer) from Hervé Nisic on Vimeo.


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