EpiGeneSys annual meeting 2016 in Paris



Nuclei of mitotic chromosomes
Credit: David Sitbon, Ph.D. student in the Almouzni lab (CNRS/Institut Curie).

The 4Dnucleome Initiative in Europe

Our genome, our DNA, has taken a central place in our daily life, whether we think about our health, our well-being and longevity, our susceptibility to disease, our aptitude for learning, and our adaptation and responses to diet, drugs and the environment. Yet despite having successfully sequenced the full human genome, it is not enough to make sense of its function as a whole. Developing the technologies to empower the community to address this major issue represents one of the most significant S&T challenge that the biomedical world will have to deal with in the next decade to come. The 4DNucleome Initiative in Europe is a response to EU call to its scientific community to propose grand challenges to be addressed with newly funded FET FLAGSHIPS by 2018. The supporters of this i...


egg sperm 200

Image adapted from ‘Egg sperm’ by Zappys Technology Solutions on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

Mum’s in control - even before you’re born

Egg’s epigenetic ‘blueprint’ important for placenta development in pregnancy The team of Wolf Reik and Myriam Hemberger at the Babraham Institute, in collaboration with the group of Miguel Branco at Queen Mary University London, have uncovered previously unappreciated means by which epigenetic information contained in the egg influences the development of the placenta during pregnancy. The research, which was performed in mice, indicates that a mother’s health, even before conception, may influence the health of her fetus, and opens questions on how a mother’s age may influence placental development.


As an FP7 European Community-funded Network of Excellence, EpiGeneSys’s goals go further than simply funding a research project—our extensive training program is helping to build a bridge between the fields of epigenetics and systems biology and our public education mission will communicate the science in an accessible and interesting fashion while awakening young pupils’ interest in research.


Paris Seyne

EpiGeneSys Final Meeting in Paris

FEBRUARY 11-13 th, 2016

More than 280 scientists attended the fifth Annual Meeting of EpiGeneSys. The conference kicked off with a talk by coordinator Geneviève Almouzni, Director of the Research Center at the Institut Curie, highlighting the achievements of the network over more than five years. [...]



The Non-Coding Genome - An EpiGeneSys – EPIGEN joint workshop for Junior Researchers

DECEMBER 3-4 th, 2015

The last training workshop of the EpiGeneSys network.

Paris s

Paris / TriRhena Chromatin Club

JULY 9th, 2015

[...] exciting talks and network with members of the Chromatin community!

Montpellier Peyroux s

Single Cell Epigenetics - An EpiGeneSys TAB workshop

JUNE 11st-12nd , 2015

...learn about current approaches to single cell epigenetics and to meet up and network with [...]


Other upcoming events

Chromatin and Epigenetics: from Mechanism to Function - Wed, Apr 5th 2017- Fri, Apr 7th 2017
EMBO Conference: Chromatin and Epigenetics - Wed, May 3rd 2017- Sat, May 6th 2017
EpiGeneSwiss Meeting - Mon, May 29th 2017- Wed, May 31st 2017
2017 IMB Conference: Gene Regulation by the Numbers: Quantitative Approaches to Study Transcription - Mon, Jun 19th 2017- Wed, Jun 21st 2017
Mendelian randomization in the age of large-scale accessible genomics data - Tue, Jul 11th 2017- Thu, Jul 13th 2017

News flash

Missing link in epigenetics could explain conundrum of disease inheritance

08-07-2016 - All News

The process by which a mother’s diet during pregnancy can permanently affect her offspring’s attributes, such as weight, could be strongly influenced by genetic variation in an unexpected part of...

Epigenetic switch for obesity

08-02-2016 - All News

Obesity can sometimes be shut down It is well known that a predisposition to adiposity lies in our genes. A new study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology...