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Épigénétique : Le génome sous influence
A special issue on epigenetics was published in Biofutur in November (Ed. Lavoisier, n°359, 2014) with the contribution of several EpiGeneSys members.
Available only in french, it illustrates many aspects of epigenetics, from basics to medical applications [online]

See an extract (in French)

from Nature News Blogs, Published 11 October, 2012

Scientific American's Christine Gorman explains why the answer to this question is more complex than it first appears. Video from Scientific American, 10 August 2012 [online]

epigenetics BBCEpigenetics, explained (from the BBC)
Best video explanation we've seen of epigenetics and its implications for human health, outlined in simple, understandable terms.

No; read here why.

A book written by Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College London
Epigenetics is one of the keys to explaining the mystery of life, writes Peter Forbes, August 8th, 2012 in the Guardian [online]

Jay Bradner believes that cancer can be defeated through control of epigenetics — and he is not shy about spreading the word.
Nature News, August 8, 2012 [online]

Published at Nature Blogs Soapbox Science, 25 Jul 2012
"My dream is that by collaborating with Brazil’s inherently creative, scientifically curious and innovative culture, we can create a template that could be applied to the rest of the world." [online]

Published 27 July 2012 on CBS News Online, By Christopher Wanjek
A group led by Randy Jirtle of Duke University demonstrated how mouse clones implanted as embryos in separate mothers will have radical differences in fur color, weight, and risk for chronic diseases depending on what that mother was fed during pregnancy.But what still is missing, is an understanding of how such information is remembered from generation to generation. Could it be due to epigenetic information? [online]

Published in The New York Times, by GINA KOLATA, July 7, 2012
Whole genome DNA and RNA sequencing uncovers an unusual treatment option for a researcher's cancer. [online]