Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Epigenesys activities

2nd EpiGeneSys Annual Meeting in Amsterdam

Wednesday 16 January 2013 - Friday 18 January 2013

Location  : Netherlands Cancer Institute - Amsterdam


 20130117 Annual Meeting

In January more than 160 participants followed the invitation and came to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam to join the EpiGeneSys 2nd Annual Meeting, hosted by associate member Fred van Leeuwen.

The conference reflected the open character of the network by introducing the second round RISE1 (Research Integrating Epigenetics & Systems Biology) teams to the community and featured 30 scientific speakers in an almost even mix of permanent, RISE1 and associate members as well as 2 invited speakers. It has become the hallmark of EpiGeneSys meetings to provide a venue for stimulating the communication between systems biology and epigenetics, kick-starting new collaborations and giving ample opportunity to exchange ideas.

Don't miss the 3rd Annual Meeting to be held from December 4th – 6th 2013 at the Babraham institute in Cambridge!