Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Three-Dimensional Folding and Functional Organization Principles of the Drosophila Genome

article in Cell

Sexton T, Yaffe E, Kenigsberg E, Bantignies F, Leblanc B, Hoichman M, Parrinello H, Tanay A, Cavalli G.
Cell. 2012 Jan 18. [Epub ahead of print]

Podcast interview of Giacomo Cavalli and Amos Tanay about their recent publication in Cell.

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1:09 How the Hi-C approach used in the study was modified in order to capture chromatin contacts on a global scale

6:55 Giacomo and Amos explain some of the key findings of the paper

11:15 Waxing philosophical on why a cell might organize its chromatin in the way described in this study

13:15 How systems biologists (computational biologists) and epigeneticists can learn from each other

14:30 Special insights gained using the global modeling approach taken in this study

16:50 Challenges of processing the data

18:10 Refining the model‹is it ever really done?

19:55 Lessons on how biologists doing wet experiments in epigenetics can begin to make sense of all of the data produced by computational biologists doing the dry work