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EpiGeneSys Annual Meeting: Moving Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Wednesday 23 November 2011 - Friday 25 November 2011

Location  : in Vienna


The first Annual Meeting "Moving Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology" took place from November 23rd to 25th at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) in Vienna. More than 130 scientists gathered to discuss latest research and technological developments to advance our knowledge of epigenetic processes aided by a systems biology perspective.

At the heart of the meeting were introductory talks by the new RISE1 (Research Integrating Systems Biology and Epigenetics) members, who were selected through an open competitive call last summer. The four main sessions following along the four scientific themes of the EpiGeneSys network (The Dynamics of EpiGenetic Regulators, Linking Genotype to Epigenotype, Signalling to the EpiGenome and An Integrated Computational Epigenetics Framework) featured not only progress reports and speakers from the work packages but also talks from invited researchers and the new associate members, who were also integrated into the network following an open call last spring. The highlights of the conference were the three keynote speeches by Wendy Bickmore (Edinburgh, UK), Susan Gasser (Basel, Switzerland) and Hiroyuki Sasaki (Mishima, Japan). A poster session gave young scientists the opportunity to present their work and participants also learnt about past and upcoming EpiGeneSys activities and could voice their opinions and concerns in the network's General Assembly.

The last afternoon was dedicated to an Art & Science workshop led by resident artist Paul L. Harrison and Mhairi Towler, which served to brainstorm and collect ideas for art projects opening alternative ways to access epigenetics and systems biology.

Despite being packed with information the programme most importantly left ample time for exchange and networking – a vital ingredient for a strong and active EpiGeneSys community!

It is the mission of EpiGeneSys to open up its ranks and provide benefits for the whole community, thus we would like to give as many interested researchers as possible the opportunity to profit from the excellent talks at the meeting: recordings of two of the keynote talks will go online soon, so watch this space!

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