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Models, epigenetics and evolution 2014 - An EpiGeneSys TAB workshop

Thursday 22 May 2014 - Friday 23 May 2014

Location  : Institut Curie, 26 rue d’Ulm, 75248 Paris


Mathematical modelling has become essential to be able to integrate and better understand the increasing amount of epigenomic data being generated. I order to arrive at a useful correct model it is important to establish good communication between the "modeler" and the experimental biologist. The aim of this workshop is:

  1. To present the recent developments on the topic of mathematical modelling applied to epigenomic data.
  2. To learn from the experience of invited speakers on how to start a"modeler"- experimental biologist collaboration or how to move from experimental to computational biology.

We have confirmed some great speakers on this topic:

  • Edith Heard (Institute Curie)
  • Denis Thieffry (IBENS)
  • Jacques van Helden (Aix-Marseille Université)
  • Martin Howard (John Innes Center)
  • Erik van Nimwegen (Universitat Basel)
  • Marc Rehmsmeier (University of Bergen)
  • Leonie Ringrose (IMBA),
  • Francisco Ubeda (University of London)

Date: The workshop will start in the morning of the May 22nd and close in the afternoon of May 23rd.

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