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RISE1 Leadership and Lab Management workshop in Paris

Tuesday 11 March 2014 - Friday 14 March 2014

Location  : Holiday Inn Express Paris - Place D'Italie, Paris


This course addresses RISE1 members, young PIs and postdoctoral researchers about to start their own labs!

This workshop will introduce you to key leadership concepts, equip you with vital communication skills and support you in your role as principle investigator.
You will learn about the difference between management and leadership and how you can improve your leadership skills. Different aspects of your job will be explored to show how they impact your performance.

This workshop will be of tremendous value, be it that you already started your independent lab some time ago, are a brand-new PI or are still in the middle of the transition from researcher to PI!

The workshop will start on Day 1 at 12:00 with lunch and the course itself begins at 13:00. You will work until approximately 19:15—19:30 on Days 1—3. The event will close on the 4th and final day at around 16:00.

Participants will be accommodated and the workshop will take place in the centre of Paris, at the Holiday Inn Express Paris - Place D'Italie.

The course will be held by CJ Fitzsimons, PhD.

RISE1 members have a guaranteed place at this event but there will also be a few places available for other members of the network.
We invite all young PIs and postdoctoral researchers at the very start of their independent careers to register for this workshop!