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First Chomatin club at Institut Curie

Friday 07 June 2013 - Friday 07 June 2013

Location  : Institut Curie


On Friday, June 7th, the Institut Curie hosted its first Chomatin club, previously organized only by Christian Muchard at the Institut Pasteur. Now a new era has begun: Pasteur and Curie will take turns!

Great speakers came to this first-time event to present their work. Yossi Shiloh, a professor of Human Genetics at the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University opened the session by talking about DNA damage response and ATM-mediated network. He was followed by Slimane Ait-Si-Ali, a CNRS PI who is working on epigenetic dynamics and cell differentiation at Paris Diderot University. This university was well represented, as the next speaker was Sophie Polo, a former researcher at the Institut Curie who has just started a new lab at Paris Diderot to focus on Epigenetics and Cell Fate.

We were also happy to welcome Matthieu Schapira, an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Toronto, and an adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology at New York University. He presented his work on Histone Marks.
Then, Jean-Pierre Quivy, a CNRS researcher in Genevieve Almouzni’s team at the Institut Curie talked about Sumoylation and HP1 localization at pericentric domains in mouse cells
This chromatin club ended with Pablo Navarro from the University of Edinburgh and soon at the Institut Pasteur in Paris with Nanog autorepression and intrinsic modulation of ES cells heterogeneity.


Source: Illustration by Sigrid Knemeyer, adapted by Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications