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EpiGeneSys Workshop "Computational Epigenomics"

Wednesday 03 October 2012 - Wednesday 03 October 2012

Location  : Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona


Organizing Committee:

Local Organizer:

  • Ivo Gut

This informal topic-oriented workshop aims to foster interactive discussions on open questions arising from/with the generation and interpretation of NGS data. The goal is to enhance the communication between "wet and dry" scientists and to foster the awareness of problems, challenges and emerging practical solutions. The following general questions should be addressed by the topic presenters and guide us through discussions:

  • What are (experimentalists') expectations with particular epigenome data?
  • What are common computational/statistical problems faced?
  • How can "interaction" and interdisciplinary approaches contribute to solutions?

The day will start with a sort summary of BLUEPRINT data handling procedures and their implementation (Alfonso Valencia):
Data handling in Epigenome programmes

Each of the following three topics will be introduced by 15 min presentations followed by 45 min of open discussion:

Generation and integration of new data types (discussion leader: Anne Ferguson-Smith)

  • New approaches to identify oxidised forms of DNA-methylation in sequences (Miguel Branco)
  • HiC data and epigenomic maps (Amos Tanay)
  • Recent advances in 3rd gen single molecule sequencing (Ivo Gut)

Data validation and cohort studies (discussion leader: Ivo Gut)

  • Illumina 450k bead arrays: technical obstacles and bioinformatics challenges (Tiffany Morris)
  • Ultradeep sequencing to address and interpret tissue and cell variation (Jörn Walter)
  • Challenges for EWAS studies (Tim Spector)

Data presentation (discussion leader: Nick Luscombe)

  • Platforms for interactive data exploration (Martin Seifert)
  • Comprehensive data visualisation (Paul Flicek)

The day will finish with a final discussion of the raised issues.

Participants will stay at The H10 Marina Hotel

There will be a tapas dinner for all participants on the evening of September 2nd.

We have only limited places available for this event, so we recommend registering as soon as possible!

Photo by Diliff