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First Epigenesys student/postdoc training workshop of 2012

Thursday 28 June 2012 - Friday 29 June 2012

Location  : Strasbourg, FRANCE at the IGBMC.


The student/postdoc workshop, "Labcoats and Briefcases:
Epigenetics Gets Down to Business" held in Strasbourg at the IGBMC in June of 2012, simply put, was a great success!

The workshop, organized and run by EpiGeneSys Training Advisory Board (TAB) Members covered translational epigenetics and systems biology research and also featured a career-development aspect for a non-academic career track.

In the words of TAB member, Zack Gurard Levin, "The speakers brought up many interesting points about how our work in academic labs can connect with industry, and how it can make a true difference in improving lives even without a strong connection to industry (reinforcing the need for basic research). The breakout session discussions were lively and it seemed that everyone enjoyed them and the evaluation forms were very positive as well. Working with the IGBMC and the people there, including Maria-Elena, was indeed a great pleasure."

One of the speakers at the workshop said, "The Thursday breakout session was particularly revealing; some younger researchers are still clearly suspicious of industry/commerce, drawing a distinction between working in industry and 'doing good' through academic research. I thought Rob Martienssen's talk illustrated brilliantly how thoughtful and principled collaboration between academic scientists and commercial interests can produce a truly positive outcome. Workshops such as yours help break down barriers between academia and commerce, and that has to be a good thing."
-Bryan M. Turner, University of Birmingham

Participant, Kevin Dalgaard, a PhD student in Andrew Pospisilik's lab at the MPI in Freiburg summed it up nicely with these comments about the workshop, "Thanks for organizing a very successful workshop. It was indeed very stimulating and I got to know career paths that I had never thought about before, but paths I find very appealing. Now I am back in Freiburg and feel more motivated than ever!"

Session topics covered:

  • Moving ideas from the bench to the market
  • The interface between big companies & start-ups with academic labs
  • Communication styles for scientists vs. public
  • Patenting, consulting and other non-academic scientific opportunities
  • How to prepare for a non-academic job search

Speaker List:

  • Stefan Strobl, Managing Director, 4SC
  • Rachel Grimley, Epigenetics Exploratory Lead at Neusentis, Pfizer
  • Andreas Ladurner,Professor Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Sam Caddick, Editor, EMBO Reports
  • Maria Elena Torres Padilla, Team Leader, IGBMC
  • Antoine Agathon, Chief Operating Officer, Strasbourg IHU
  • Rob Martienssen, Professor and HHMI Investigator Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Bryan Turner, Professor of Experimental Genetics, School of Cancer Sciences University of Birmingham, UK
  • Stéphane Berghmans, Head of the Biomedical Sciences Unit, EMRC
  • Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, Vice-President of Research and Development at Transgene
  • Antoine Bureth, Assistant professor, University of Strasbourg