An ambitious EC-funded research initiative on epigenetics advancing towards systems biology 132

Aurélien A. Sérandour, Jason S. Carroll


ChIP-exonuclease (ChIP-exo) is a high resolution method of genome-wide mapping of DNA-associated proteins that outperforms ChIP-seq by all parameters. We adapted this method created by Frank Pugh and Ho Sung Rhee from SOLiD to the Illumina sequencing platform (Rhee and Pugh, 2011; Sérandour et al, 2014) (cf figure 1). We provide here a ChIP-exo protocol, optimized on 60 million cells (4 dishes of 15 cm diameter at confluence). Lower cell number has not been tested.

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Aurélien A. Sérandour, Jason S. Carroll

CRUK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, Robinson way,CB2 0RE Cambridge, United-Kingdom

Corresponding author: Jason S. Carroll, Aurélien A. Sérandour
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