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Post-doctoral position in: Biology of the nucleus

Institut NeuroMyoGene


A two-year post-doctoral position at the Institut NeuroMyoGene (INMG, in Lyon, France, in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick Lomonte is available to work on chromatin dynamics and nuclear bodies. The laboratory of P. Lomonte works on the involvement of PML NBs and histone chaperones in modifications of the chromatin resulting in broad changes in gene expression.


Scientists with experience in chromatin study, cell biology of the nucleus, proteomics, NGS are welcome to apply for the position. The successful candidate will join the team to work under the supervision of a senior post-doctoral researcher, on a project combining biochemical, cellular and molecular approaches, and high throughput technologies, in order to dissect some aspects of PML NBs and chromatin dynamics. Good knowledge in bioinformatics will be an asset.


Salary: 28000€ gross/year. Social security, pension retirement, basic health insurance and other compulsory social contributions are included in the neat salary (about 1800€ net/month). The salary grid is suitable for a young scientist who has just completed his (her) Ph.D. thesis (between 0-3 years), however applications from more experienced scientists will eventually be considered.

Application details

Outstanding candidates should send a letter of motivation, a complete CV, and recent letters of recommendation to :

Patrick Lomonte - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Relevant web link:

Starting date: 1st March 2018