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A kind of cancer of the bone marrow, which involves uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal white blood cells. Symptoms present in both and adults and children. These include anaemia, impaired blood-clotting, enlargement of lymph nodes, liver and spleen.
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(latin, plural loci) A locus is a fixed position on a chromosome that is occupied by a given gene or one of its alleles.
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Locus control region
(LCR) Defined by their ability to enhance the expression of linked genes to physiological levels in a tissue-specific and copy number-dependent manner at ectopic chromatin sites. The concept that developmental and cell lineage-specific regulation of gene expression relies not only on gene-proximal elements such as promoters, enhancers, and silencers, but also on long-range interactions of various cis regulatory elements and dynamic chromatin alterations.
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Lyon Hypothesis
States that in cells with multiple X chromosomes, all but one is inactivated during mammalian embryogenesis.
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One of the twenty different kinds of amino acid. Specific lysines within histone proteins are those most often tagged by acetyl, methyl and other biochemical moieties.
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