Mixing the DNA of big cats has surprising results depending on who mum and dad are. Ligers and tigons suggest that the same genes can behave quite differently depending on their origin. Some genes are passed down in a silent way. Scientists are hot on the trail of the mum genes we inherit [...]

In April 2005 I was assigned a mission: to take a tour of epigenetics in Europe. The prospect filled me with a great deal of excitement, but a big question. What on earth is epigenetics all about? Thankfully, my mission afforded me an adventure into continental Europe to talk to the scientists themselves [...]

When it comes to stem cells, if you're left feeling like you don't know your adult from your embryonic, if you're confused by cloning or if you thought multipotency was an effect of Viagra, then our stem cell guide is for you. Ruth Williams gets down to the nitty-gritty [...]

Watercress. Blueberries. Pomegranates. Few plant products have escaped being labelled as a 'superfood' in recent months. While scientific evidence points firmly towards the health benefits of a diet rich in fruit and veg, we're only just starting to understand how specific molecules in our food can influence [...]

Is there such a thing as a magical elixir giving us eternal life? While Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom may coax us into believing this, common sense quickly dismisses the idea. [...]

Cancer is the 'enemy within', the criminal element that upsets the harmony of our body's cellular community. Our internal police force, our immune system, does all within its powers to hunt down and disarm these troublemaking [...]

Pursuing your dream career can be a rather depressing experience. As you progress through school, you increasingly narrow the number of subjects you study, shutting doors to other paths even as you follow your long-held ambitions. Oddly enough, this is something you have in common with the cells in your [...]

Marie-Laure Caparros describes the epigenetic mechanisms that can delay dementia.
Ronald Reagan had it. Charles Bronson had it. Charlton Heston had it. We're not talking about their mastery of cowboy gun fighting duels, but sadly [...]

Kat Arney helps you calculate how much booze your epigenome can handle.
It’s hard to open a newspaper nowadays without seeing dire warnings that we are binge-drinking our way to a “health time bomb”, with alcohol  fuelling the rise of liver disease, cancer, obesity and even [...]

Can we live longer by just tweaking bits and pieces of our DNA, without changing our DNA code? Eric Greer, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Yang Shi's laboratory at Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is counting on some very small worms [...]

As recoveries go, it was simply astonishing. A month previously, biochemist Adrian Bird and his colleague Jacky Guy had been studying mice that were suffering from a raft of severe neurological problems.

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Imagine that you are on a journey, visiting the nucleus of a cell of the human body. We can think of the nucleus as the "inner city". In terms of activity, the inner city resembles an ant colony on caffeine—it's incredibly busy

Dr Lindsey Goff explores the effects of parenting on our molecular heritage.
You could say that parenting begins at conception, when a unique mélange of DNA is born. This genetic mélange – your genome – is one of the few permanencies in life. It grows older with you and, except when mutated [...]