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Article in Nature

Elphège P. Nora, Bryan R. Lajoie, Edda G. Schulz, Luca Giorgetti, Ikuhiro Okamoto, Nicolas Servant, Tristan Piolot, Nynke L. van Berkum, Johannes Meisig, John Sedat, Joost Gribnau Emmanuel Barillot, Nils Blüthgen, Job Dekker & Edith Heard. Nature. 2012 Apr 11.

Interview with Elphège P. Nora, Edda G. Schulz, and Luca Giorgetti from Edith Heard's lab at Institut Curie in Paris, France about their recent publication in Nature.

Thanks to the Free Music Archive and the band Sephirot for the use of its song, “Prolepsis” in our podcasts.

Copyright: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England :

For a brief synopsis of what is covered in the podcast, or if you would like to fast forward to a particular point in the podcast, please use the summary below.

1:30 An introduction to Xist
2:08 Why use 5C?
2:28 What are TADs (topologically associating domains)?
4:20 The “ah-ha” moment
5:30 Identifying other trans-acting factors
7:15 Bringing “wet” experimental biologists and “dry” computational biologists together
8:41 How might this model of topological organization of Xist be applicable to other systems?


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