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Keystone Symposia: Digital Health - From Science to Application

Monday 21 January 2019 - Friday 25 January 2019

Location  : Keystone, Colorado, USA

Contact  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This meeting will be the first digital health meeting that focuses specifically on the scientific foundations and the health applications of digital technologies. Taking a novel sensor or new device from concept to clinics is remarkably complex and the technologies are evolving rapidly. Digital technology offers novel capabilities that have great potential to drive chronic disease understanding and management at both an individual and population level, including the ability to deliver real-time interventions that can be connected to a health care system, in a community setting, or in limited resource settings. The increased use of digital capture devices has become a universal part of everyday life; however, more research is needed to provide evidence that wearables and even more sophisticated implantable medical devices will transform healthcare delivery quality and costs. This Keystone meeting specifically will aim to highlight the following: 1. the scientific/medical gaps in knowledge and opportunities to fill them, 2. required methodologies for medical and technical validation, 3. specifics of data and knowledge management and the opportunities within specific subspecialties and environments. The conference will explore the landscape at the intersection of digital technologies, molecular/genomic data, and health care data by examining how these data streams can interface to enable precision health, drive research (patient reported outcomes, continuous phenotypes), and clinical care (monitoring, feedback, adherence). Highlighted will be research on technology development and the evaluation required to impact specific diseases, populations, and the achievement of specific outcomes in real-world setting both in the developing world and in areas of with limited access to health care. Use cases in the pharmaceutical industry will highlight the opportunity for digital technologies to provide real world evidence that supports efficacy and safety of novel therapeutics. In addition, bringing in the regulatory and health economic considerations to translate scientific findings to health outcomes will be highlighted. Sessions will include application design and the user interface required to impact user behavior, technical capabilities to scale, the ability to replicate results, data capture and analytics, and studies that provide evidence that digital solutions can drive improved outcomes. This meeting will highlight the widespread application of digital data for precision medicine in large cohort studies. The expected outcome of this conference will be to enhance the participants understanding of the state of the art for capturing digital phenotyping, of consumer/patient access and comprehension, regulatory jurisdiction, health care provider/system readiness, clinical utility, personal utility, integration with the electronic health record, quality standards and ethical considerations. The meeting will bring together clinicians, scientists, technology innovators, health economists, and regulators to discuss and develop the new models of cross-disciplinary collaboration and business that will be required to deliver quality digital health strategies and solutions. We expect that attendees will leave this event with a clear and comprehensive understanding of digital health and will illuminate areas of synergy between academic, public and private sectors will inform a research agenda for the next 5 years.

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