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5th Max Planck Freiburg Epigenetics Meeting

Wednesday 05 December 2018 - Friday 07 December 2018

Location  : Freiburg, Germany

Contact  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the 5th in a series of biennial conferences presenting cutting-edge research in the field of epigenetics.
We are committed to create an exceptional environment for epigenetic research in Freiburg and we would be very happy if you contributed by sharing your exciting data and novel ideas at this international event. A group of high-profile speakers will be assembled representing a broad range of topics in the field of chromatin and epigenetics.
The programme will include invited and selected talks and give ample time for poster presentations. A significant number of speakers will be selected from abstracts.

Confirmed speakers: Wendy Bickmore, Elisabeth Binder, Marc Bühler, Giacomo Cavalli, Stirling Churchman, Patrich Cramer, Anne Ferguson-Smith, Amanda Fisher, Shiv Grewal, Edith Heard, Steve Jacobson, Samie R. Jaffrey, Gary Karpen, Alberto Kornblihtt, Tony Kouzarides, Alexander Meissner, Jürg Müller. Geeta Narlikar, Christof Niehrs, Danny Reinberg, Bob Roeder, Ramin Shiekhattar, Marc Timmers
Keynote speaker: Anthony Hyman

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