Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Epigenetics explained to everyone

EpiGeneSys is not only a powerful science network for researchers, it aims too at talking about epigenetics and systems biology for a lay audience.
Recently, two members of EpiGeneSys gave insights into epigenetics on talks now available online.

In September, Léonie Ringrose visited the University of Bergen to talk about Epigenetics: myths, mysteries and molecule.

In November Geneviève Almouzni gave a speech entitled Epigenetics – Beyond the genome in Heidelberg, in the framework of the 14th EMBO/EMBL science and society conference focused on Public and private health.

Coming soon, an interview with Leonie where she shares her secrets on how to get in touch with a large audience.
Finally, in December, Jonathan Weitzmann from the Paris-Diderot University gave a talk entitled Who am I? (Genetically) during a Wikistage event.