Epigenetic Imagin(in)g Workshop
RNA Seq/CHIP Seq workshop - WP5
EpiGeneSys Annual Meeting: Moving Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology
8th Annual Epigenetics Course held at Institut Curie in March of 2012
First Awardee of EpiGeneSys Open Call for a Small Scale Collaborative Project selected!
Where would epigenetics meet systems biology?
First Epigenesys student/postdoc training workshop of 2012
EpiGeneSys symposium - “Work in Progress”
EpiGeneSys is delighted to introduce 11 new RISE1 members for 2012!
EpiGeneSys Workshop "Computational Epigenomics"
Student/Postdoc Workshop on Epigenetics and the Environment
2nd EpiGeneSys Annual Meeting in Amsterdam
Announcing the awardees of the Second Open Call for Small Scale Collaborative Projects!
9th course on Epigenetics
Epigenetics in Cancer: from bench to computer
EPIGEN meets EPIGENESYS conference
First Chomatin club at Institut Curie
Spetses Summer School on Chromatin and Systems Biology
Training workshop “Epigenomics as a Discovery Tool in Current Biology”
3rd Annual Meeting at the Babraham Institute Cambridge
RISE1 Leadership and Lab Management workshop in Paris
Application for the international course “10th course on Epigenetics” – Special edition : 10th anniversary
Modelling Approaches in Epigenetics 2014 - An EpiGeneSys and BLUEPRINT joint workshop
Models, epigenetics and evolution 2014 - An EpiGeneSys TAB workshop
Linking Genome Variation with Epigenetics, Gene Expression and Disease
4th Annual Meeting at the Centre of Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona
Breakthroughs in Epigenetics - An EpiGeneSys-IMB joint workshop
Single Cell Epigenetics - An EpiGeneSys TAB workshop
Paris / TriRhena Chromatin Club
The Non-Coding Genome - An EpiGeneSys – EPIGEN joint workshop for Junior Researchers
EpiGeneSys Final Meeting in Paris
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