Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

wis-300For much of human history, women were officially excluded from the scientific realm. However, in spite of their invisibility in the history narrative, this did not mean that science was exclusively a man's world. Many women, throughout the centuries, have managed to overcome their marginalisation and excel in their chosen field, making vital contributions to the sum of human knowledge.

With this series the European Commission would like to celebrate European women scientists throughout the ages. It tells the compelling stories of some of the heroines of European science – some sung but many unsung – and, through their narratives, it enriches and completes the history of scientific knowledge by highlighting its female face.

Stories are displayed from the most recent published to the oldest.

This series was produced by the European Commission.

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The following protocols are selected, solicited and reviewed by EpiGeneSys members and are supplied with reviewer comments. They are specific and cutting-edge protocols designed especially for epigenetics research. Comments and questions are always encouraged.

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