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WikiStage Video - Who am I (genetically)? by Jonathan Weitzman


January 2014
Written by: Tatiana Malherbe

What is epigenetics? Since you have come to visit our website, you are probably curious about this field of science which is attractings increasing attention today and will probably undoubtedly continue to grow in the next decades.

Last December, Jonathan Weitzman, an associate member of our Network of Excellence, EpiGeneSys, made use of the curiosity of Alice (in Wonderland) to explain the basics of epigenetics. He followed the invitation of WikiStage, a collaborative non-profit project of people around the world who think it is important to never stop learning and to stay curious. Videos are filmed at WikiStage events and added to a free library.

Why chose Alice? "I have always loved the book. It is very easy to use for a talk, as everyone knows it. And the pictures made great illustrations as they covered all the elements I needed for my talk." said Jonathan.

Such talks for the general public are very important for the audience, but for the scientist too. "It is a challenging exercise as it makes you really think about what we know and how to make it understandable to non-experts!" says Jonathan.

Take a look here to see for yourself and to learn more about this exciting topic.

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