Past events

Past events

Epigenetic Imagin(in)g Workshop

Thursday 10 March 2011 – Thursday 10 March 2011

Location  : Institut Curie – Paris – France

Dr. Paul Liam Harrison is the EpiGeneSys resident artist and a researcher at the University of Dundee, Visual Research Centre (VRC) Print Publishing facility. His research interests include an ongoing investigation into the relationships between art and science. Paul is particularly interested in the processing methods and visualisation systems applied to biological research data and information, both in an historical and contemporary context – and what alternative methods and systems might be appropriate in understanding what we are and how life functions.

In a workshop that was part of the 7th course of Epigenetics at the Institut Curie, and part of the EpiGeneSys training programme, Paul introduced some of his recent projects that have spanned the disciplines of art and science and discussed methods of visual representation. In a practical session, participants developed a series of images to visualize ideas and address the nature of Epigenetics in its visual form as a starting point for the development of an ongoing discussion towards a public exhibition.


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