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Institut de recherche de l’Ecole de biotechnologie de Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg, France

Epigenetic regulation of cellular identity

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The development of complex eukaryote organisms entails protein factors that recognize specific DNA sequences, but also epigenetic marks such as DNA methylation. DNA methylation profiles undergo dynamic changes during embryogenesis, which ultimately contribute to produce distinct cell types of an organism. Perturbation of this DNA methylation program is believed to play causal roles in the appearance of certain diseases such as cancer. Our laboratory is using genome-wide DNA methylation mapping technologies to identify target genes of DNA methylation in developing mouse cell lineages and decipher the role of DNA methylation in lineage choices. We are also studying the impact of environmental factors (such as exposure to chemical pollutants) on DNA methylation patterns in the mouse, which can provide epigenetic biomarkers relevant for human pathologies.

People involved:

  • Dr Sylvain Guibert (postdoc)
  • Ambre bender (PhD student)
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Latest publications

Single-CpG resolution mapping of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine by chemical labeling and exonuclease digestion identifies evolutionarily unconserved CpGs as TET targets.

27025842 – 2016-03-31
Genome Biol 2016 Mar 29;17(1):56
Sérandour AA, Avner S, Mahé EA, Madigou T, Guibert S, Weber M, Salbert G

DNMT3A(R882H) mutant and Tet2 inactivation cooperate in the deregulation of DNA methylation control to induce lymphoid malignancies in mice.

26876596 – 2016-02-16
Leukemia 2016 Jun;30(6):1388-98
Scourzic L, Couronné L, Pedersen MT, Della Valle V, Diop M, Mylonas E, Calvo J, Mouly E, Lopez CK, Martin N, Fontenay M, Bender A, Guibert S, Dubreuil P, Dessen P, Droin N, Pflumio F, Weber M, Gaulard P, Helin K, Mercher T, Bernard OA

EHMT2 directs DNA methylation for efficient gene silencing in mouse embryos.

26576615 – 2015-11-19
Genome Res 2015 Nov 17;
Auclair G, Borgel J, Sanz LA, Vallet J, Guibert S, Dumas M, Cavelier P, Girardot M, Forné T, Feil R, Weber MView all their publications