Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Daniel Rico

Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University

Sex, chromatin and bioinformatics

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daniel rico

We are a computational biology group focused in studying the gene regulatory programs and epigenomes of immune cells. More specifically, we want to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the differences of the immune system in men and women.

Despite the relevance of sexual dimorphism in both health and disease, there is still an important gap in our understanding of the role of sex in immune responses. The recent explosion of epigenomic data will allow us to construct a more complete genome-wide picture of the molecular differences in immune cells in men and women.

We are developing integrative bioinformatics approaches to mine publicly availabe data. We are performing a systematic collection of the dispersed gene expression and epigenomic data and integrating the different layers in a common analytical framework. The ultimate goal of this effort is to connect the sex-specific gene expression programmes with the corresponding sex-specific chromatin configuration.