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Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla30 Publications.


Starting embryonic transcription for the first time.

Nat Genet 2017 May 26;49(6):820-821

Iturbide A, Torres-Padilla ME

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SUV4-20 activity in the preimplantation mouse embryo controls timely replication.

Genes Dev 2016 Nov 15;30(22):2513-2526

Eid A, Rodriguez-Terrones D, Burton A, Torres-Padilla ME

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Developmental biology: Panoramic views of the early epigenome.

Nature 2016 Sep 14;

Vaquerizas JM, Torres-Padilla ME

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A Pluripotency Platform for Prdm14.

Dev Cell 2016 Jul 11;38(1):3-5

Burton A, Torres-Padilla ME

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Characterization of non-canonical Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 subunits during early mouse embryogenesis.

Epigenetics 2016 Jun 2;11(6):389-97

Eid A, Torres-Padilla ME

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Voices of biotech.

Nat Biotechnol 2016 Mar 10;34(3):270-5

Amit I, Baker D, Barker R, Berger B, Bertozzi C, Bhatia S, Biffi A, Demichelis F, Doudna J, Dowdy SF, Endy D, Helmstaedter M, Junca H, June C, Kamb S, Khvorova A, Kim DH, Kim JS, Krishnan Y, Lakadamyali M, Lappalainen T, Lewin S, Liao J, Loman N, Lundberg E, Lynd L, Martin C, Mellman I, Miyawaki A, Mummery C, Nelson K, Paz J, Peralta-Yahya P, Picotti P, Polyak K, Prather K, Qin J, Quake S, Regev A, Rogers JA, Shetty R, Sommer M, Stevens M, Stolovitzky G, Takahashi M, Tang F, Teichmann S, Torres-Padilla ME, Tripathi L, Vemula P, Verdine G, Vollmer F, Wang J, Ying JY, Zhang F, Zhang T

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Regulation of Reprogramming and Cellular Plasticity through Histone Exchange and Histone Variant Incorporation.

Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 2015 Nov 18;

Gaume X, Torres-Padilla ME

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Early embryonic-like cells are induced by downregulating replication-dependent chromatin assembly.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2015 Aug 3;

Ishiuchi T, Enriquez-Gasca R, Mizutani E, Bošković A, Ziegler-Birling C, Rodriguez-Terrones D, Wakayama T, Vaquerizas JM, Torres-Padilla ME

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LINEs in mice: features, families, and potential roles in early development.

Chromosoma 2015 May 16;

Jachowicz JW, Torres-Padilla ME

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How cells build totipotency and pluripotency: nuclear, chromatin and transcriptional architecture.

Curr Opin Cell Biol 2015 Apr 30;34:9-15

Dang-Nguyen TQ, Torres-Padilla ME

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