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Cullin-RING ubiquitin E3 ligase regulation by the COP9 signalosome.

Nature 2016 Mar 31;531(7596):598-603

Cavadini S, Fischer ES, Bunker RD, Potenza A, Lingaraju GM, Goldie KN, Mohamed WI, Faty M, Petzold G, Beckwith RE, Tichkule RB, Hassiepen U, Abdulrahman W, Pantelic RS, Matsumoto S, Sugasawa K, Stahlberg H, Thomä NH

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Structural basis of lenalidomide-induced CK1α degradation by the CRL4CRBN ubiquitin ligase.

Nature 2016 Feb 24;

Petzold G, Fischer ES, Thomä NH

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SPLINTS: small-molecule protein ligand interface stabilizers.

Curr Opin Struct Biol 2016 Jan 29;37:115-122

Fischer ES, Park E, Eck MJ, Thomä NH

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Structural basis of pyrimidine-pyrimidone (6-4) photoproduct recognition by UV-DDB in the nucleosome.

Sci Rep 2015 Nov 17;5:16330

Osakabe A, Tachiwana H, Kagawa W, Horikoshi N, Matsumoto S, Hasegawa M, Matsumoto N, Toga T, Yamamoto J, Hanaoka F, Thomä NH, Sugasawa K, Iwai S, Kurumizaka H

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Minishelterins separate telomere length regulation and end protection in fission yeast.

Genes Dev 2015 Jun 1;29(11):1164-74

Pan L, Hildebrand K, Stutz C, Thomä N, Baumann P

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Functional regulation of the DNA damage-recognition factor DDB2 by ubiquitination and interaction with xeroderma pigmentosum group C protein.

Nucleic Acids Res 2015 Feb 18;43(3):1700-13

Matsumoto S, Fischer ES, Yasuda T, Dohmae N, Iwai S, Mori T, Nishi R, Yoshino K, Sakai W, Hanaoka F, Thomä NH, Sugasawa K

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Structure of the DDB1-CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase in complex with thalidomide.

Nature 2014 Jul 16;

Fischer ES, Böhm K, Lydeard JR, Yang H, Stadler MB, Cavadini S, Nagel J, Serluca F, Acker V, Lingaraju GM, Tichkule RB, Schebesta M, Forrester WC, Schirle M, Hassiepen U, Ottl J, Hild M, Beckwith RE, Harper JW, Jenkins JL, Thomä NH

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Crystal structure of the human COP9 signalosome.

Nature 2014 Jul 16;

Lingaraju GM, Bunker RD, Cavadini S, Hess D, Hassiepen U, Renatus M, Fischer ES, Thomä NH

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Rif1 Controls DNA Replication Timing in Yeast through the PP1 Phosphatase Glc7.

Cell Rep 2014 Apr 10;7(1):62-9

Mattarocci S, Shyian M, Lemmens L, Damay P, Altintas DM, Shi T, Bartholomew CR, Thomä NH, Hardy CF, Shore D

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Structural and mechanistic insight into Holliday-junction dissolution by Topoisomerase IIIα and RMI1.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2014 Feb 9;

Bocquet N, Bizard AH, Abdulrahman W, Larsen NB, Faty M, Cavadini S, Bunker RD, Kowalczykowski SC, Cejka P, Hickson ID, Thomä NH

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