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Amos Tanay36 Publications.


p53 is essential for DNA methylation homeostasis in naïve embryonic stem cells, and its loss promotes clonal heterogeneity.

Genes Dev 2017 May 15;31(10):959-972

Tovy A, Spiro A, McCarthy R, Shipony Z, Aylon Y, Allton K, Ainbinder E, Furth N, Tanay A, Barton M, Oren M

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Suppressors and activators of JAK-STAT signaling at diagnosis and relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Down syndrome.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2017 May 1;

Schwartzman O, Savino AM, Gombert M, Palmi C, Cario G, Schrappe M, Eckert C, von Stackelberg A, Huang JY, Hameiri-Grossman M, Avigad S, Te Kronnie G, Geron I, Birger Y, Rein A, Zarfati G, Fischer U, Mukamel Z, Stanulla M, Biondi A, Cazzaniga G, Vetere A, Wagner BK, Chen Z, Chen SJ, Tanay A, Borkhardt A, Izraeli S

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Scaling single-cell genomics from phenomenology to mechanism.

Nature 2017 Jan 18;541(7637):331-338

Tanay A, Regev A

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Dissecting Immune Circuits by Linking CRISPR-Pooled Screens with Single-Cell RNA-Seq.

Cell 2016 Dec 15;167(7):1883-1896.e15

Jaitin DA, Weiner A, Yofe I, Lara-Astiaso D, Keren-Shaul H, David E, Salame TM, Tanay A, van Oudenaarden A, Amit I

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Capturing pairwise and multi-way chromosomal conformations using chromosomal walks.

Nature 2016 Dec 8;540(7632):296-300

Olivares-Chauvet P, Mukamel Z, Lifshitz A, Schwartzman O, Elkayam NO, Lubling Y, Deikus G, Sebra RP, Tanay A

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Combgap Promotes Ovarian Niche Development and Chromatin Association of EcR-Binding Regions in BR-C.

PLoS Genet 2016 Nov 15;12(11):e1006330

Hitrik A, Popliker M, Gancz D, Mukamel Z, Lifshitz A, Schwartzman O, Tanay A, Gilboa L

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The Spectrum and Regulatory Landscape of Intestinal Innate Lymphoid Cells Are Shaped by the Microbiome.

Cell 2016 Aug 25;166(5):1231-1246.e13

Gury-BenAri M, Thaiss CA, Serafini N, Winter DR, Giladi A, Lara-Astiaso D, Levy M, Salame TM, Weiner A, David E, Shapiro H, Dori-Bachash M, Pevsner-Fischer M, Lorenzo-Vivas E, Keren-Shaul H, Paul F, Harmelin A, Eberl G, Itzkovitz S, Tanay A, Di Santo JP, Elinav E, Amit I

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UMI-4C for quantitative and targeted chromosomal contact profiling.

Nat Methods 2016 Jul 4;

Schwartzman O, Mukamel Z, Oded-Elkayam N, Olivares-Chauvet P, Lubling Y, Landan G, Izraeli S, Tanay A

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The mutation spectrum in genomic late replication domains shapes mammalian GC content.

Nucleic Acids Res 2016 Apr 16;

Kenigsberg E, Yehuda Y, Marjavaara L, Keszthelyi A, Chabes A, Tanay A, Simon I

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Transcriptional Heterogeneity and Lineage Commitment in Myeloid Progenitors.

Cell 2015 Dec 17;163(7):1663-77

Paul F, Arkin Y, Giladi A, Jaitin DA, Kenigsberg E, Keren-Shaul H, Winter D, Lara-Astiaso D, Gury M, Weiner A, David E, Cohen N, Lauridsen FK, Haas S, Schlitzer A, Mildner A, Ginhoux F, Jung S, Trumpp A, Porse BT, Tanay A, Amit I

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