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Angus Lamond58 Publications.


Comparative genetic, proteomic and phosphoproteomic analysis of C. elegans embryos with a focus on ham-1/STOX and pig-1/MELK in dopaminergic neuron development.

Sci Rep 2017 Jun 28;7(1):4314

Offenburger SL, Bensaddek D, Murillo AB, Lamond AI, Gartner A

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Brd4-Brd2 isoform switching coordinates pluripotent exit and Smad2-dependent lineage specification.

EMBO Rep 2017 Jun 6;

Fernandez-Alonso R, Davidson L, Hukelmann J, Zengerle M, Prescott AR, Lamond A, Ciulli A, Sapkota GP, Findlay GM

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Human RIF1 and protein phosphatase 1 stimulate DNA replication origin licensing but suppress origin activation.

EMBO Rep 2017 Mar;18(3):403-419

Hiraga SI, Ly T, Garzón J, Hořejší Z, Ohkubo YN, Endo A, Obuse C, Boulton SJ, Lamond AI, Donaldson AD

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The Chromatin Assembly Factor Complex 1 (CAF1) and 5-Azacytidine (5-AzaC) Affect Cell Motility in Src-transformed Human Epithelial Cells.

J Biol Chem 2016 Nov 21;

Endo A, Ly T, Pippa R, Bensaddek D, Nicolas A, Lamond AI

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Unlocking the chromatin code by deciphering protein-DNA interactions.

Mol Syst Biol 2016 Nov 10;12(11):887

Bensaddek D, Lamond AI

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Deep Proteome Analysis Identifies Age-Related Processes in C. elegans.

Cell Syst 2016 Jul 20;

Narayan V, Ly T, Pourkarimi E, Murillo AB, Gartner A, Lamond AI, Kenyon C

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Enhanced snoMEN Vectors Facilitate Establishment of GFP-HIF-1α Protein Replacement Human Cell Lines.

PLoS One 2016;11(4):e0154759

Ono M, Yamada K, Bensaddek D, Afzal V, Biddlestone J, Ortmann B, Mudie S, Boivin V, Scott MS, Rocha S, Lamond AI

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Global Membrane Protein Interactome Analysis using In vivo Crosslinking and MS-based Protein Correlation Profiling.

Mol Cell Proteomics 2016 Apr 25;

Larance M, Kirkwood KJ, Tinti M, Murillo AB, Ferguson MA, Lamond AI

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The histone chaperone Vps75 forms multiple oligomeric assemblies capable of mediating exchange between histone H3-H4 tetramers and Asf1-H3-H4 complexes.

Nucleic Acids Res 2016 Apr 1;

Hammond CM, Sundaramoorthy R, Larance M, Lamond A, Stevens MA, El-Mkami H, Norman DG, Owen-Hughes T

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Evaluating the use of HILIC in large-scale, multi dimensional proteomics: Horses for courses?

Int J Mass Spectrom 2015 Nov 30;391:105-114

Bensaddek D, Nicolas A, Lamond AI

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