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Richard Festenstein7 Publications.


Continuous Histone Replacement by Hira Is Essential for Normal Transcriptional Regulation and De Novo DNA Methylation during Mouse Oogenesis.

Mol Cell 2015 Nov 19;60(4):611-25

Nashun B, Hill PW, Smallwood SA, Dharmalingam G, Amouroux R, Clark SJ, Sharma V, Ndjetehe E, Pelczar P, Festenstein RJ, Kelsey G, Hajkova P

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Epigenetic and neurological effects and safety of high-dose nicotinamide in patients with Friedreich's ataxia: an exploratory, open-label, dose-escalation study.

Lancet 2014 Apr 30;

Libri V, Yandim C, Athanasopoulos S, Loyse N, Natisvili T, Law PP, Chan PK, Mohammad T, Mauri M, Tam KT, Leiper J, Piper S, Ramesh A, Parkinson MH, Huson L, Giunti P, Festenstein R

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Tissue-dependent regulation of RNAP II dynamics: The missing link between transcription and trinucleotide repeat instability in diseases?

Transcription 2013 Aug 2;4(4)

Goula AV, Festenstein R, Merienne K

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Gene regulation and epigenetics in Friedreich's ataxia.

J Neurochem 2013 Aug;126 Suppl 1:21-42

Yandim C, Natisvili T, Festenstein R

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Heterochromatinization induced by GAA-repeat hyperexpansion in Friedreich's ataxia can be reduced upon HDAC inhibition by Vitamin B3.

Hum Mol Genet 2013 Mar 7;

Chan PK, Torres R, Yandim C, Law PP, Khadayate S, Mauri M, Grosan C, Chapman-Rothe N, Giunti P, Pook M, Festenstein R

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Transcription Elongation and Tissue-Specific Somatic CAG Instability.

PLoS Genet 2012 Nov;8(11):e1003051

Goula AV, Stys A, Chan JP, Trottier Y, Festenstein R, Merienne K

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Context is everything: activators can also repress.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2012 Oct 4;19(10):973-5

Festenstein R, Chan JP

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