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Dirk Schübeler38 Publications.


Impact of cytosine methylation on DNA binding specificities of human transcription factors.

Science 2017 May 5;356(6337)

Yin Y, Morgunova E, Jolma A, Kaasinen E, Sahu B, Khund-Sayeed S, Das PK, Kivioja T, Dave K, Zhong F, Nitta KR, Taipale M, Popov A, Ginno PA, Domcke S, Yan J, Schübeler D, Vinson C, Taipale J

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Competition between DNA methylation and transcription factors determines binding of NRF1.

Nature 2015 Dec 24;528(7583):575-9

Domcke S, Bardet AF, Adrian Ginno P, Hartl D, Burger L, Schübeler D

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Aging-Dependent Demethylation of Regulatory Elements Correlates with Chromatin State and Improved β Cell Function.

Cell Metab 2015 Oct 6;22(4):619-32

Avrahami D, Li C, Zhang J, Schug J, Avrahami R, Rao S, Stadler MB, Burger L, Schübeler D, Glaser B, Kaestner KH

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YAP1 Exerts Its Transcriptional Control via TEAD-Mediated Activation of Enhancers.

PLoS Genet 2015 Aug;11(8):e1005465

Stein C, Bardet AF, Roma G, Bergling S, Clay I, Ruchti A, Agarinis C, Schmelzle T, Bouwmeester T, Schübeler D, Bauer A

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ESCI award lecture: Regulation, function and biomarker potential of DNA methylation.

Eur J Clin Invest 2015 Jan 21;

Schübeler D

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Genomic profiling of DNA methyltransferases reveals a role for DNMT3B in genic methylation.

Nature 2015 Jan 21;

Baubec T, Colombo DF, Wirbelauer C, Schmidt J, Burger L, Krebs AR, Akalin A, Schübeler D

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Function and information content of DNA methylation.

Nature 2015 Jan 15;517(7534):321-6

Schübeler D

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genomation: a toolkit to summarize, annotate and visualize genomic intervals.

Bioinformatics 2014 Nov 21;

Akalin A, Franke V, Vlahoviček K, Mason CE, Schübeler D

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Dynamic DNA methylation orchestrates cardiomyocyte development, maturation and disease.

Nat Commun 2014 Oct 22;5:5288

Gilsbach R, Preissl S, Grüning BA, Schnick T, Burger L, Benes V, Würch A, Bönisch U, Günther S, Backofen R, Fleischmann BK, Schübeler D, Hein L

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High-throughput engineering of a mammalian genome reveals building principles of methylation states at CG rich regions.

Elife 2014 Sep 26;3:e04094

Krebs AR, Dessus-Babus S, Burger L, Schübeler D

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