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Wolf Reik67 Publications.


The Dynamics of Genome-wide DNA Methylation Reprogramming in Mouse Primordial Germ Cells.

Mol Cell 2012 Dec 6;

Seisenberger S, Andrews S, Krueger F, Arand J, Walter J, Santos F, Popp C, Thienpont B, Dean W, Reik W

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Reprogramming DNA methylation in the mammalian life cycle: building and breaking epigenetic barriers.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 2013 Jan 5;368(1609):20110330

Seisenberger S, Peat JR, Hore TA, Santos F, Dean W, Reik W

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Promoter DNA methylation couples genome-defence mechanisms to epigenetic reprogramming in the mouse germline.

Development 2012 Oct;139(19):3623-32

Hackett JA, Reddington JP, Nestor CE, Dunican DS, Branco MR, Reichmann J, Reik W, Surani MA, Adams IR, Meehan RR

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Incomplete methylation reprogramming in SCNT embryos.

Nat Genet 2012 Aug 29;44(9):965-6

Peat JR, Reik W

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Genome-wide distribution of 5-formylcytosine in ES cells is associated with transcription and depends on thymine DNA glycosylase.

Genome Biol 2012 Aug 17;13(8):R69

Raiber EA, Beraldi D, Ficz G, Burgess H, Branco MR, Murat P, Oxley D, Booth MJ, Reik W, Balasubramanian S

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Pairing of homologous regions in the mouse genome is associated with transcription but not imprinting status.

PLoS One 2012;7(7):e38983

Krueger C, King MR, Krueger F, Branco MR, Osborne CS, Niakan KK, Higgins MJ, Reik W

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The H19 lincRNA is a developmental reservoir of miR-675 that suppresses growth and Igf1r.

Nat Cell Biol 2012 Jun 10;

Keniry A, Oxley D, Monnier P, Kyba M, Dandolo L, Smits G, Reik W

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Shifting behaviour: epigenetic reprogramming in eusocial insects.

Curr Opin Cell Biol 2012 Mar 17;

Patalano S, Hore TA, Reik W, Sumner S

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Methylome analysis using MeDIP-seq with low DNA concentrations.

Nat Protoc 2012 Mar 8;7(4):617-36

Taiwo O, Wilson GA, Morris T, Seisenberger S, Reik W, Pearce D, Beck S, Butcher LM

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BLUEPRINT to decode the epigenetic signature written in blood.

Nat Biotechnol 2012 Mar 7;30(3):224-6

Adams D, Altucci L, Antonarakis SE, Ballesteros J, Beck S, Bird A, Bock C, Boehm B, Campo E, Caricasole A, Dahl F, Dermitzakis ET, Enver T, Esteller M, Estivill X, Ferguson-Smith A, Fitzgibbon J, Flicek P, Giehl C, Graf T, Grosveld F, Guigo R, Gut I, Helin K, Jarvius J, Küppers R, Lehrach H, Lengauer T, Lernmark Å, Leslie D, Loeffler M, Macintyre E, Mai A, Martens JH, Minucci S, Ouwehand WH, Pelicci PG, Pendeville H, Porse B, Rakyan V, Reik W, Schrappe M, Schübeler D, Seifert M, Siebert R, Simmons D, Soranzo N, Spicuglia S, Stratton M, Stunnenberg HG, Tanay A, Torrents D, Valencia A, Vellenga E, Vingron M, Walter J, Willcocks S

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