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Nicholas Luscombe41 Publications.


GOTHiC, a probabilistic model to resolve complex biases and to identify real interactions in Hi-C data.

PLoS One 2017;12(4):e0174744

Mifsud B, Martincorena I, Darbo E, Sugar R, Schoenfelder S, Fraser P, Luscombe NM

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Using hiCLIP to identify RNA duplexes that interact with a specific RNA-binding protein.

Nat Protoc 2017 Mar;12(3):611-637

Sugimoto Y, Chakrabarti AM, Luscombe NM, Ule J

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Backmasking in the yeast genome: encoding overlapping information for protein-coding and RNA degradation.

Nucleic Acids Res 2016 Aug 4;

Cakiroglu SA, Zaugg JB, Luscombe NM

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Intra-Tumor Genetic Heterogeneity in Wilms Tumor: Clonal Evolution and Clinical Implications.

EBioMedicine 2016 May 27;

Cresswell GD, Apps JR, Chagtai T, Mifsud B, Bentley CC, Maschietto M, Popov SD, Weeks ME, Olsen ØE, Sebire NJ, Pritchard-Jones K, Luscombe NM, Williams RD, Mifsud W

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Functional interplay between MSL1 and CDK7 controls RNA polymerase II Ser5 phosphorylation.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2016 May 16;

Chlamydas S, Holz H, Samata M, Chelmicki T, Georgiev P, Pelechano V, Dündar F, Dasmeh P, Mittler G, Cadete FT, Ramírez F, Conrad T, Wei W, Raja S, Manke T, Luscombe NM, Steinmetz LM, Akhtar A

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Perturbations of PIP3 signalling trigger a global remodelling of mRNA landscape and reveal a transcriptional feedback loop.

Nucleic Acids Res 2015 Nov 16;43(20):9663-79

Kiselev VY, Juvin V, Malek M, Luscombe N, Hawkins P, Novère NL, Stephens L

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Intergenic Alu exonisation facilitates the evolution of tissue-specific transcript ends.

Nucleic Acids Res 2015 Sep 22;

Tajnik M, Vigilante A, Braun S, Hänel H, Luscombe NM, Ule J, Zarnack K, König J

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Polycomb repressive complex PRC1 spatially constrains the mouse embryonic stem cell genome.

Nat Genet 2015 Aug 31;

Schoenfelder S, Sugar R, Dimond A, Javierre BM, Armstrong H, Mifsud B, Dimitrova E, Matheson L, Tavares-Cadete F, Furlan-Magaril M, Segonds-Pichon A, Jurkowski W, Wingett SW, Tabbada K, Andrews S, Herman B, LeProust E, Osborne CS, Koseki H, Fraser P, Luscombe NM, Elderkin S

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Mapping long-range promoter contacts in human cells with high-resolution capture Hi-C.

Nat Genet 2015 Jun;47(6):598-606

Mifsud B, Tavares-Cadete F, Young AN, Sugar R, Schoenfelder S, Ferreira L, Wingett SW, Andrews S, Grey W, Ewels PA, Herman B, Happe S, Higgs A, LeProust E, Follows GA, Fraser P, Luscombe NM, Osborne CS

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hiCLIP reveals the in vivo atlas of mRNA secondary structures recognized by Staufen 1.

Nature 2015 Mar 26;519(7544):491-4

Sugimoto Y, Vigilante A, Darbo E, Zirra A, Militti C, D'Ambrogio A, Luscombe NM, Ule J

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