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Douglas Higgs28 Publications.


MicroRNAs of the miR-290-295 Family Maintain Bivalency in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.

Stem Cell Reports 2016 May 10;6(5):635-42

Graham B, Marcais A, Dharmalingam G, Carroll T, Kanellopoulou C, Graumann J, Nesterova TB, Bermange A, Brazauskas P, Xella B, Kriaucionis S, Higgs DR, Brockdorff N, Mann M, Fisher AG, Merkenschlager M

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"Krüppeling" erythropoiesis: an unexpected broad spectrum of human red blood cell disorders due to KLF1 variants unveiled by genomic sequencing.

Blood 2016 Feb 22;

Perkins A, Xu X, Higgs DR, Patrinos GP, Arnaud L, Bieker JJ, Philipsen S

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Transcription factors LRF and BCL11A independently repress expression of fetal hemoglobin.

Science 2016 Jan 15;351(6270):285-9

Masuda T, Wang X, Maeda M, Canver MC, Sher F, Funnell AP, Fisher C, Suciu M, Martyn GE, Norton LJ, Zhu C, Kurita R, Nakamura Y, Xu J, Higgs DR, Crossley M, Bauer DE, Orkin SH, Kharchenko PV, Maeda T

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Understanding α-globin gene regulation and implications for the treatment of β-thalassemia.

Ann N Y Acad Sci 2015 Dec 22;

Mettananda S, Gibbons RJ, Higgs DR

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Studying epigenomics in single cells: what is feasible and what can we learn?

Epigenomics 2015 Dec;7(8):1231-4

Wills QF, Higgs DR, Mead AJ

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Multiplexed analysis of chromosome conformation at vastly improved sensitivity.

Nat Methods 2016 Jan;13(1):74-80

Davies JO, Telenius JM, McGowan SJ, Roberts NA, Taylor S, Higgs DR, Hughes JR

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Suppression of the alternative lengthening of telomere pathway by the chromatin remodelling factor ATRX.

Nat Commun 2015 Jul 6;6:7538

Clynes D, Jelinska C, Xella B, Ayyub H, Scott C, Mitson M, Taylor S, Higgs DR, Gibbons RJ

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An international effort to cure a global health problem: A report on the 19th Hemoglobin Switching Conference.

Exp Hematol 2015 Jul 2;

Blobel GA, Bodine D, Brand M, Crispino J, De Bruijn M, Nathan D, Papayannopoulou T, Porcher C, Strouboulis J, Zon L, Higgs DR, Stamatoyannopoulos G, Engel JD

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Haemoglobin Variant Screening in Jamaica: Meeting Student's Request.

Br J Haematol 2015 Jun 30;

Mason K, Gibson F, Higgs D, Fisher C, Thein SL, Clark B, Kulozik A, Happich M, Serjeant B, Serjeant G

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α-globin as a molecular target in treatment of β-thalassemia.

Blood 2015 Apr 13;

Mettananda S, Gibbons RJ, Higgs DR

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