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Jerome Dejardin9 Publications.


The molecular basis of the organization of repetitive DNA-containing constitutive heterochromatin in mammals.

Chromosome Res 2017 Mar;25(1):77-87

Nishibuchi G, Déjardin J

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The cell proliferation antigen Ki-67 organises heterochromatin.

Elife 2016 Mar 7;5

Sobecki M, Mrouj K, Camasses A, Parisis N, Nicolas E, Llères D, Gerbe F, Prieto S, Krasinska L, David A, Eguren M, Birling MC, Urbach S, Hem S, Déjardin J, Malumbres M, Jay P, Dulic V, Lafontaine DL, Feil RP, Fisher D

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Switching between Epigenetic States at Pericentromeric Heterochromatin.

Trends Genet 2015 Nov;31(11):661-72

Déjardin J

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End-targeting proteomics of isolated chromatin segments of a mammalian ribosomal RNA gene promoter.

Nat Commun 2015 Mar 27;6:6674

Ide S, Dejardin J

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Constitutive heterochromatin formation and transcription in mammals.

Epigenetics Chromatin 2015;8:3

Saksouk N, Simboeck E, Déjardin J

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Nuclear-receptor-mediated telomere insertion leads to genome instability in ALT cancers.

Cell 2015 Feb 26;160(5):913-27

Marzec P, Armenise C, Pérot G, Roumelioti FM, Basyuk E, Gagos S, Chibon F, Déjardin J

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Redundant Mechanisms to Form Silent Chromatin at Pericentromeric Regions Rely on BEND3 and DNA Methylation.

Mol Cell 2014 Nov 20;56(4):580-94

Saksouk N, Barth TK, Ziegler-Birling C, Olova N, Nowak A, Rey E, Mateos-Langerak J, Urbach S, Reik W, Torres-Padilla ME, Imhof A, Déjardin J

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Protein Landscape at Drosophila melanogaster Telomere-Associated Sequence Repeats.

Mol Cell Biol 2012 Jun;32(12):2170-82

Antão JM, Mason JM, Déjardin J, Kingston RE

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How chromatin prevents genomic rearrangements: locus colocalization induced by transcription factor binding.

Bioessays 2012 Feb;34(2):90-3

Déjardin J

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