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Bernard De Massy21 Publications.


SKAP, an outer kinetochore protein, is required for mouse germ cell development.

Reproduction 2015 Dec 14;

Grey C, Espeut J, Ametsitsi R, Kumar R, Luksza M, Brun C, Verlhac MH, Suja JÁ, de Massy B

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Meiosis: early DNA double-strand breaks pave the way for inter-homolog repair.

Dev Cell 2015 Mar 23;32(6):663-4

Borde V, de Massy B

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MEI4: a central player in the regulation of meiotic DNA double strand break formation in the mouse.

J Cell Sci 2015 Mar 20;

Kumar R, Ghyselinck N, Ishiguro KI, Watanabe Y, Kouznetsova A, Höög C, Strong E, Schimenti J, Daniel K, Toth A, de Massy B

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Human genetics. Hidden features of human hotspots.

Science 2014 Nov 14;346(6211):808-9

de Massy B

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Mouse tetrad analysis provides insights into recombination mechanisms and hotspot evolutionary dynamics.

Nat Genet 2014 Aug 24;

Cole F, Baudat F, Grey C, Keeney S, de Massy B, Jasin M

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Diversity of Prdm9 Zinc Finger Array in Wild Mice Unravels New Facets of the Evolutionary Turnover of this Coding Minisatellite.

PLoS One 2014 Jan 13;9(1):e85021

Buard J, Rivals E, Dunoyer de Segonzac D, Garres C, Caminade P, de Massy B, Boursot P

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Meiotic recombination in mammals: localization and regulation.

Nat Rev Genet 2013 Oct 18;14(11):794-806

Baudat F, Imai Y, de Massy B

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Molecular Basis for the Regulation of the H3K4 Methyltransferase Activity of PRDM9.

Cell Rep 2013 Oct 2;

Wu H, Mathioudakis N, Diagouraga B, Dong A, Dombrovski L, Baudat F, Cusack S, de Massy B, Kadlec J

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Initation of Meiotic Recombination: How and Where? Conversation and Specificities Among Eukaryotes.

Annu Rev Genet 2013 Sep 18;

de Massy B

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Cellular source and mechanisms of high transcriptome complexity in the Mammalian testis.

Cell Rep 2013 Jun 27;3(6):2179-90

Soumillon M, Necsulea A, Weier M, Brawand D, Zhang X, Gu H, Barthès P, Kokkinaki M, Nef S, Gnirke A, Dym M, de Massy B, Mikkelsen TS, Kaessmann H

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