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Elizabeth Bayne6 Publications.


The Discovery, Distribution, and Evolution of Viruses Associated with Drosophila melanogaster.

PLoS Biol 2015 Jul;13(7):e1002210

Webster CL, Waldron FM, Robertson S, Crowson D, Ferrari G, Quintana JF, Brouqui JM, Bayne EH, Longdon B, Buck AH, Lazzaro BP, Akorli J, Haddrill PR, Obbard DJ

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Global regulation of heterochromatin spreading by Leo1.

Open Biol 2015 May;5(5)

Verrier L, Taglini F, Barrales RR, Webb S, Urano T, Braun S, Bayne EH

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A systematic genetic screen identifies new factors influencing centromeric heterochromatin integrity in fission yeast.

Genome Biol 2014 Oct 2;15(10):481

Bayne EH, Bijos DA, White SA, de Lima Alves F, Rappsilber J, Allshire RC

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Structural analysis of Stc1 provides insights into the coupling of RNAi and chromatin modification.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013 May 21;110(21):E1879-88

He C, Pillai SS, Taglini F, Li F, Ruan K, Zhang J, Wu J, Shi Y, Bayne EH

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Raf1 Is a DCAF for the Rik1 DDB1-like protein and has separable roles in siRNA generation and chromatin modification.

PLoS Genet 2012 Feb;8(2):e1002499

Buscaino A, White SA, Houston DR, Lejeune E, Simmer F, de Lima Alves F, Diyora PT, Urano T, Bayne EH, Rappsilber J, Allshire RC

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Comparative functional genomics of the fission yeasts.

Science 2011 May 20;332(6032):930-6

Rhind N, Chen Z, Yassour M, Thompson DA, Haas BJ, Habib N, Wapinski I, Roy S, Lin MF, Heiman DI, Young SK, Furuya K, Guo Y, Pidoux A, Chen HM, Robbertse B, Goldberg JM, Aoki K, Bayne EH, Berlin AM, Desjardins CA, Dobbs E, Dukaj L, Fan L, FitzGerald MG, French C, Gujja S, Hansen K, Keifenheim D, Levin JZ, Mosher RA, Müller CA, Pfiffner J, Priest M, Russ C, Smialowska A, Swoboda P, Sykes SM, Vaughn M, Vengrova S, Yoder R, Zeng Q, Allshire R, Baulcombe D, Birren BW, Brown W, Ekwall K, Kellis M, Leatherwood J, Levin H, Margalit H, Martienssen R, Nieduszynski CA, Spatafora JW, Friedman N, Dalgaard JZ, Baumann P, Niki H, Regev A, Nusbaum C

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