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Erik van Nimwegen6 Publications.


The genomic context and co-recruitment of SP1 affect ERRα co-activation by PGC-1α in muscle cells.

Mol Endocrinol 2016 May 16;:me20161036

Salatino S, Kupr B, Baresic M, van Nimwegen E, Handschin C

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Inferring Contacting Residues within and between Proteins: What Do the Probabilities Mean?

PLoS Comput Biol 2016 May;12(5):e1004726

van Nimwegen E

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ARMADA: Using motif activity dynamics to infer gene regulatory networks from gene expression data.

Methods 2015 Sep 1;85:62-74

Pemberton-Ross PJ, Pachkov M, van Nimwegen E

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Quantifying the strength of miRNA-target interactions.

Methods 2015 Apr 16;

Breda J, Rzepiela AJ, Gumienny R, van Nimwegen E, Zavolan M

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A large-scale, in vivo transcription factor screen defines bivalent chromatin as a key property of regulatory factors mediating Drosophila wing development.

Genome Res 2015 Jan 7;

Schertel C, Albarca M, Rockel-Bauer C, Kelley NW, Bischof J, Hens K, van Nimwegen E, Basler K, Deplancke B

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Global 3' UTR shortening has a limited effect on protein abundance in proliferating T cells.

Nat Commun 2014 Nov 21;5:5465

Gruber AR, Martin G, Müller P, Schmidt A, Gruber AJ, Gumienny R, Mittal N, Jayachandran R, Pieters J, Keller W, van Nimwegen E, Zavolan M

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