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Laura Riva9 Publications.


In Vivo Genetic Screens of Patient-Derived Tumors Revealed Unexpected Frailty of the Transformed Phenotype.

Cancer Discov 2016 May 13;

Bossi D, Cicalese A, Dellino GI, Luzi L, Riva L, D'Alesio C, Diaferia GR, Carugo A, Cavallaro E, Piccioni R, Barberis M, Mazzarol G, Testori A, Punzi S, Pallavicini I, Tosti G, Giacó L, Melloni G, Heffernan TP, Natoli G, Draetta GF, Minucci S, Pelicci P, Lanfrancone L

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LowMACA: exploiting protein family analysis for the identification of rare driver mutations in cancer.

BMC Bioinformatics 2016 Feb 9;17(1):80

Melloni GE, de Pretis S, Riva L, Pelizzola M, Céol A, Costanza J, Müller H, Zammataro L

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Peak shape clustering reveals biological insights.

BMC Bioinformatics 2015 Oct 28;16:349

Cremona MA, Sangalli LM, Vantini S, Dellino GI, Pelicci PG, Secchi P, Riva L

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INSPEcT: a computational tool to infer mRNA synthesis, processing and degradation dynamics from RNA- and 4sU-seq time course experiments.

Bioinformatics 2015 May 7;

de Pretis S, Kress T, Morelli MJ, Melloni GE, Riva L, Amati B, Pelizzola M

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Whole exome sequencing identifies driver mutations in asymptomatic computed tomography-detected lung cancers with normal karyotype.

Cancer Genet 2015 Apr;208(4):152-5

Belloni E, Veronesi G, Rotta L, Volorio S, Sardella D, Bernard L, Pece S, Di Fiore PP, Fumagalli C, Barberis M, Spaggiari L, Pelicci PG, Riva L

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DOTS-Finder: a comprehensive tool for assessing driver genes in cancer genomes.

Genome Med 2014;6(6):44

Melloni GE, Ogier AG, de Pretis S, Mazzarella L, Pelizzola M, Pelicci PG, Riva L

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Hepatitis C virus life cycle and lipid metabolism.

Biology (Basel) 2014 Dec 15;3(4):892-921

Popescu CI, Riva L, Vlaicu O, Farhat R, Rouillé Y, Dubuisson J

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Deletion of the ORF9p acidic cluster impairs the nuclear egress of Varicella-zoster virus capsids.

J Virol 2014 Dec 3;

Riva L, Thiry M, Lebrun M, L'homme L, Piette J, Sadzot-Delvaux C

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The Genomic and Epigenomic Landscapes of AML.

Semin Hematol 2014 Oct;51(4):259-72

Mazzarella L, Riva L, Luzi L, Ronchini C, Pelicci PG

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