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Miguel A. Peinado9 Publications.


Quantification of Unmethylated Alu (QUAlu): a tool to assess global hypomethylation in routine clinical samples.

Oncotarget 2016 Feb 7;

Buj R, Mallona I, Díez-Villanueva A, Barrera V, Mauricio D, Puig-Domingo M, Reverter JL, Matias-Guiu X, Azuara D, Ramírez JL, Alonso S, Rosell R, Capellà G, Perucho M, Robledo M, Peinado MA, Jordà M

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A knowledgebase of the human Alu repetitive elements.

J Biomed Inform 2016 Jan 28;

Mallona I, Jordà M, Peinado MA

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regioneR: an R/Bioconductor package for the association analysis of genomic regions based on permutation tests.

Bioinformatics 2015 Sep 30;

Gel B, Díez-Villanueva A, Serra E, Buschbeck M, Peinado MA, Malinverni R

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Wanderer, an interactive viewer to explore DNA methylation and gene expression data in human cancer.

Epigenetics Chromatin 2015;8:22

Díez-Villanueva A, Mallona I, Peinado MA

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Overlapping DNA methylation dynamics in mouse intestinal cell differentiation and early stages of malignant progression.

PLoS One 2015;10(5):e0123263

Forn M, Díez-Villanueva A, Merlos-Suárez A, Muñoz M, Lois S, Carriò E, Jordà M, Bigas A, Batlle E, Peinado MA

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Deconstruction of DNA methylation patterns during myogenesis reveals specific epigenetic events in the establishment of the skeletal muscle lineage.

Stem Cells 2015 Mar 19;

Carrió E, Díez-Villanueva A, Lois S, Mallona I, Cases I, Forn M, Peinado MA, Suelves M

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Methylation plotter: a web tool for dynamic visualization of DNA methylation data.

Source Code Biol Med 2014;9:11

Mallona I, Díez-Villanueva A, Peinado MA

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DNA methylation profiling of well-differentiated thyroid cancer uncovers markers of recurrence free survival.

Int J Cancer 2013 Dec 31;

Mancikova V, Buj R, Castelblanco E, Inglada-Pérez L, Diez A, de Cubas AA, Curras-Freixes M, Maravall FX, Mauricio D, Matias-Guiu X, Puig-Domingo M, Capel I, Bella MR, Lerma E, Castella E, Reverter JL, Peinado MA, Jorda M, Robledo M

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Long range epigenetic silencing is a trans-species mechanism that results in cancer specific deregulation by overriding the chromatin domains of normal cells.

Mol Oncol 2013 Aug 30;

Forn M, Muñoz M, Tauriello DV, Merlos-Suárez A, Rodilla V, Bigas A, Batlle E, Jordà M, Peinado MA

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