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Sebastiaan Meijsing4 Publications.


Identification and characterization of DNA sequences that prevent glucocorticoid receptor binding to nearby response elements.

Nucleic Acids Res 2016 Mar 25;

Telorac J, Prykhozhij SV, Schöne S, Meierhofer D, Sauer S, Thomas-Chollier M, Meijsing SH

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ChIP-exo signal associated with DNA-binding motifs provide insights into the genomic binding of the glucocorticoid receptor and cooperating transcription factors.

Genome Res 2015 Feb 26;

Starick SR, Ibn-Salem J, Jurk M, Hernandez C, Love MI, Chung HR, Vingron M, Thomas-Chollier M, Meijsing SH

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A naturally occuring insertion of a single amino acid rewires transcriptional regulation by glucocorticoid receptor isoforms.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013 Oct 14;

Thomas-Chollier M, Watson LC, Cooper SB, Pufall MA, Liu JS, Borzym K, Vingron M, Yamamoto KR, Meijsing SH

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Zebrafish Expression Ontology of Gene Sets (ZEOGS): A Tool to Analyze Enrichment of Zebrafish Anatomical Terms in Large Gene Sets.

Zebrafish 2013 May 8;

Prykhozhij SV, Marsico A, Meijsing SH

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