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Claus Maria Azzalin7 Publications.


TERRA promotes telomerase-mediated telomere elongation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

EMBO Rep 2016 May 6;

Moravec M, Wischnewski H, Bah A, Hu Y, Liu N, Lafranchi L, King MC, Azzalin CM

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Telomere elongation chooses TERRA ALTernatives.

RNA Biol 2015 Jul 9;:0

Arora R, Azzalin CM

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Fission yeast Cactin restricts telomere transcription and elongation by controlling Rap1 levels.

EMBO J 2014 Nov 14;

Lorenzi LE, Bah A, Wischnewski H, Shchepachev V, Soneson C, Santagostino M, Azzalin CM

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RNaseH1 regulates TERRA-telomeric DNA hybrids and telomere maintenance in ALT tumour cells.

Nat Commun 2014 Oct 21;5:5220

Arora R, Lee Y, Wischnewski H, Brun CM, Schwarz T, Azzalin CM

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Telomere functions grounding on TERRA firma.

Trends Cell Biol 2014 Sep 22;

Azzalin CM, Lingner J

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The host nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathway restricts Mammalian RNA virus replication.

Cell Host Microbe 2014 Sep 10;16(3):403-11

Balistreri G, Horvath P, Schweingruber C, Zünd D, McInerney G, Merits A, Mühlemann O, Azzalin C, Helenius A

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The Mpn1 RNA exonuclease: cellular functions and implication in disease.

FEBS Lett 2013 Jun 27;587(13):1858-62

Shchepachev V, Azzalin CM

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