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Jonathan Weitzman7 Publications.


Host-parasite interactions: an intimate epigenetic relationship.

Cell Microbiol 2015 Aug;17(8):1121-32

Cheeseman K, Weitzman JB

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Lost in post-translation.

EMBO Rep 2015 Jun;16(6):671

Putois O, Villa F, Weitzman JB

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[Pin1: a multi-talented peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase and a promising therapeutic target for human cancers].

Med Sci (Paris) 2014 Aug-Sep;30(8-9):772-8

Marsolier J, Weitzman JB

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What's the Damage? The Impact of Pathogens on Pathways that Maintain Host Genome Integrity.

Cell Host Microbe 2014 Mar 12;15(3):283-294

Weitzman MD, Weitzman JB

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A reversible Warburg effect is induced by Theileria parasites to transform host leukocytes.

Cell Cycle 2013 Jun 25;12(14)

Medjkane S, Weitzman JB

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OncomiR addiction is generated by a miR-155 feedback loop in Theileria-transformed leukocytes.

PLoS Pathog 2013 Apr;9(4):e1003222

Marsolier J, Pineau S, Medjkane S, Perichon M, Yin Q, Flemington E, Weitzman MD, Weitzman JB

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The Methylation Landscape of Tumor Metastasis.

Biol Cell 2012 Dec 2;

Cock-Rada A, Weitzman JB

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