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Juan M. Vaquerizas7 Publications.


Chromatin Architecture Emerges during Zygotic Genome Activation Independent of Transcription.

Cell 2017 Apr 6;169(2):216-228.e19

Hug CB, Grimaldi AG, Kruse K, Vaquerizas JM

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Developmental biology: Panoramic views of the early epigenome.

Nature 2016 Sep 14;

Vaquerizas JM, Torres-Padilla ME

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Dual randomization of oligonucleotides to reduce the bias in ribosome-profiling libraries.

Methods 2016 Jul 19;

Lecanda A, Nilges BS, Sharma P, Nedialkova DD, Schwarz J, Vaquerizas JM, Leidel SA

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TADtool: Visual Parameter Identification for TAD-calling Algorithms.

Bioinformatics 2016 Jun 17;

Kruse K, Hug CB, Hernández-Rodríguez B, Vaquerizas JM

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Early embryonic-like cells are induced by downregulating replication-dependent chromatin assembly.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2015 Aug 3;

Ishiuchi T, Enriquez-Gasca R, Mizutani E, Bošković A, Ziegler-Birling C, Rodriguez-Terrones D, Wakayama T, Vaquerizas JM, Torres-Padilla ME

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Response to Comments on "Drosophila Dosage Compensation Involves Enhanced Pol II Recruitment to Male X-Linked Promoters".

Science 2013 Apr 19;340(6130):273

Vaquerizas JM, Cavalli FM, Conrad T, Akhtar A, Luscombe NM

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DNA-binding specificities of human transcription factors.

Cell 2013 Jan 17;152(1-2):327-39

Jolma A, Yan J, Whitington T, Toivonen J, Nitta KR, Rastas P, Morgunova E, Enge M, Taipale M, Wei G, Palin K, Vaquerizas JM, Vincentelli R, Luscombe NM, Hughes TR, Lemaire P, Ukkonen E, Kivioja T, Taipale J

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