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Yuri Schwartz10 Publications.


Corrigendum to "Regulation of Polycomb group genes Psc and Su(z)2 in Drosophila melanogaster" [Mech. Dev. 128 (2012) 536-547].

Mech Dev 2017 Jan 17;

Park SY, Schwartz YB, Kahn TG, Asker D, Pirrotta V

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Three-Dimensional Genome Organization and Function in Drosophila.

Genetics 2017 Jan;205(1):5-24

Schwartz YB, Cavalli G

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Interdependence of PRC1 and PRC2 for recruitment to Polycomb Response Elements.

Nucleic Acids Res 2016 Aug 23;

Kahn TG, Dorafshan E, Schultheis D, Zare A, Stenberg P, Reim I, Pirrotta V, Schwartz YB

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Distinct Roles of Chromatin Insulator Proteins in Control of the Drosophila Bithorax Complex.

Genetics 2015 Dec 29;

Savitsky M, Kim M, Kravchuk O, Schwartz YB

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Genome-wide activities of Polycomb complexes control pervasive transcription.

Genome Res 2015 Aug;25(8):1170-81

Lee HG, Kahn TG, Simcox A, Schwartz YB, Pirrotta V

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Comparative analysis of metazoan chromatin organization.

Nature 2014 Aug 28;512(7515):449-52

Ho JW, Jung YL, Liu T, Alver BH, Lee S, Ikegami K, Sohn KA, Minoda A, Tolstorukov MY, Appert A, Parker SC, Gu T, Kundaje A, Riddle NC, Bishop E, Egelhofer TA, Hu SS, Alekseyenko AA, Rechtsteiner A, Asker D, Belsky JA, Bowman SK, Chen QB, Chen RA, Day DS, Dong Y, Dose AC, Duan X, Epstein CB, Ercan S, Feingold EA, Ferrari F, Garrigues JM, Gehlenborg N, Good PJ, Haseley P, He D, Herrmann M, Hoffman MM, Jeffers TE, Kharchenko PV, Kolasinska-Zwierz P, Kotwaliwale CV, Kumar N, Langley SA, Larschan EN, Latorre I, Libbrecht MW, Lin X, Park R, Pazin MJ, Pham HN, Plachetka A, Qin B, Schwartz YB, Shoresh N, Stempor P, Vielle A, Wang C, Whittle CM, Xue H, Kingston RE, Kim JH, Bernstein BE, Dernburg AF, Pirrotta V, Kuroda MI, Noble WS, Tullius TD, Kellis M, MacAlpine DM, Strome S, Elgin SC, Liu XS, Lieb JD, Ahringer J, Karpen GH, Park PJ

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Ruled by Ubiquitylation: A New Order for Polycomb Recruitment.

Cell Rep 2014 Jul 24;8(2):321-325

Schwartz YB, Pirrotta V

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Combinatorial Interactions Are Required for the Efficient Recruitment of Pho Repressive Complex (PhoRC) to Polycomb Response Elements.

PLoS Genet 2014 Jul;10(7):e1004495

Kahn TG, Stenberg P, Pirrotta V, Schwartz YB

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A new world of Polycombs: unexpected partnerships and emerging functions.

Nat Rev Genet 2013 Nov 12;

Schwartz YB, Pirrotta V

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Sequence-specific targeting of dosage compensation in Drosophila favors an active chromatin context.

PLoS Genet 2012;8(4):e1002646

Alekseyenko AA, Ho JW, Peng S, Gelbart M, Tolstorukov MY, Plachetka A, Kharchenko PV, Jung YL, Gorchakov AA, Larschan E, Gu T, Minoda A, Riddle NC, Schwartz YB, Elgin SC, Karpen GH, Pirrotta V, Kuroda MI, Park PJ

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