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Peter Rugg-Gunn15 Publications.


Transcriptional response of Hoxb genes to retinoid signalling is regionally restricted along the neural tube rostrocaudal axis.

R Soc Open Sci 2017 Apr;4(4):160913

Carucci N, Cacci E, Nisi PS, Licursi V, Paul YL, Biagioni S, Negri R, Rugg-Gunn PJ, Lupo G

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Comprehensive Cell Surface Protein Profiling Identifies Specific Markers of Human Naive and Primed Pluripotent States.

Cell Stem Cell 2017 Mar 21;

Collier AJ, Panula SP, Schell JP, Chovanec P, Plaza Reyes A, Petropoulos S, Corcoran AE, Walker R, Douagi I, Lanner F, Rugg-Gunn PJ

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Global reorganisation of cis-regulatory units upon lineage commitment of human embryonic stem cells.

Elife 2017 Mar 23;6

Freire-Pritchett P, Schoenfelder S, Várnai C, Wingett SW, Cairns J, Collier AJ, García-Vílchez R, Furlan-Magaril M, Osborne CS, Fraser P, Rugg-Gunn PJ, Spivakov M

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DNA methylation is dispensable for changes in global chromatin architecture but required for chromocentre formation in early stem cell differentiation.

Chromosoma 2017 Jan 13;

Hassan-Zadeh V, Rugg-Gunn P, Bazett-Jones DP

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Derivation and Culture of Extra-Embryonic Endoderm Stem Cell Lines.

Cold Spring Harb Protoc 2017 Jan 3;2017(1):pdb.prot093963

Rugg-Gunn P

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Derivation and Culture of Epiblast Stem Cell (EpiSC) Lines.

Cold Spring Harb Protoc 2017 Jan 3;2017(1):pdb.prot093971

Rugg-Gunn P

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XACT Noncoding RNA Competes with XIST in the Control of X Chromosome Activity during Human Early Development.

Cell Stem Cell 2016 Dec 1;

Vallot C, Patrat C, Collier AJ, Huret C, Casanova M, Liyakat Ali TM, Tosolini M, Frydman N, Heard E, Rugg-Gunn PJ, Rougeulle C

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Deletion of the Polycomb-Group Protein EZH2 Leads to Compromised Self-Renewal and Differentiation Defects in Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Cell Rep 2016 Dec 6;17(10):2700-2714

Collinson A, Collier AJ, Morgan NP, Sienerth AR, Chandra T, Andrews S, Rugg-Gunn PJ

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Crosstalk between pluripotency factors and higher-order chromatin organization.

Nucleus 2016 Sep 2;7(5):447-452

Lopes Novo C, Rugg-Gunn P

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Comparative Principles of DNA Methylation Reprogramming during Human and Mouse In Vitro Primordial Germ Cell Specification.

Dev Cell 2016 Oct 10;39(1):104-115

von Meyenn F, Berrens RV, Andrews S, Santos F, Collier AJ, Krueger F, Osorno R, Dean W, Rugg-Gunn PJ, Reik W

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